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Got Kobo?

Prior to publishing Stolen Moon, I was a wee bit skeptical about what indie author experts claim would happen: sales of previous books would rise following the release of a new novel.

I no longer doubt that to be true.

The three books of the Timeworks Trilogy have done OK on Kobo since Dec 2019 (first book), July 2020 (second book) and August 2021 (third book), but really ... nothing to write home about.

But when Stolen Moon hit the marketplace a week ago, not only did that new book sell a stunning number of units, those previous books in the trilogy did as well.

Why is that?

Well, the pro's claim that "each new books sells the whole catalogue" which I find amazing.

As I continue learning about the publishing / marketing side of writing, I hope I can find ways to reward my long-suffering insiders ... thanks for your support, patience and encouragement!

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