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Brent Perdue grew up in rural Canada, got educated at home and abroad, travelled around, discovered many things he didn't want to do for a living, met the love of his life and is busy raising three awesome daughters, working as a total rewards professional in an office, and writing fiction.

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Born in the city, raised in the country and educated abroad, I love to travel, read good books and, most of all, spend time with my wonderful wife and three splendid daughters.

I am an alumnus of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre’s Screenwriters’ Lab wherein I penned TV, short film and feature film screenplays (find me on But to pay the bills, I work in total rewards (wellness, benefits, compensation, pension) - a career that I'm good at and am fortunate to earn a steady income from.


Yet I've wanted to be a writer since childhood. It's been a long, lonely, grueling journey across the arduous author landscape, but when the writing, the journey is the thing, not the destination.

There is no checkered flag, but neither is the track oval. This is an adventure over unfamiliar terrain where the courage to crest the next hill brings rewards of gorgeous vistas previously unimaginable.

Today I write science fiction for teens and adults. My first series is the Timeworks Trilogy which took a sci-fi concept (the notion of "compressed time") and expanded it across space and time. All three books have my heart in them.

Then I published the stand-alone, action adventure "snack novel" called Stolen Moon which was developed during a continuing education course. The idea for this book jumped my queue and I had to write it.

Then there was the children's book Pig & Dragon: And The Trembling Town Of Evergreen, written with Jason Tennant and illustrated by the fine folks at TellWell Publishing. It's absolutely delightful.

Next up was a compilation of short stories, scripts, and songs I'd written starting back when I was a teenager. They form the content of Reclamation: Stories, Scripts & Songs which was a blast to pull together because told an additional story of one person's journey into the delusion of fame and fortune. (Just between you and me? That book finally putts to the sword unreasonable expectations for success and glory which I've harbored my whole conscious life.)

Next on the docket was my first non-fiction work, albeit with a made-up story overlay: a "business fable" entitled Total Rewards Archaeology in which the truths of my professional discipline come to light inside an adventure story set in the Sahara Desert.

Next up is an epic adventure called the Amistar series, which I'm pulling together right now. I expect the first book in this series to hit bookshelves in eardy 2023, hopefully followed by the next within a few months.

I sure hope that one is a hit with readers - it has huge potential.

I'm totally blessed by God to live this life, to marry my lovely Wendy, and to become a dad to wonderful Natalie, Megan and Emily. Today I live in Alberta, Canada with those awesome people.

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