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Lands We Call Home

Book One of the Amistar Series

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Books_Stolen Moon


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Stories, Scripts & Songs

No life is ever just one story - we are the collection

of all our broken pieces.

A gifted young musician faces an unimaginable family tragedy.

A struggling screenwiter works a soul-crushing job to pay the bills.

A homeless man watches a kid on a bicycle play chicken with a train.

A wealthy widow marries again, this time to a mysterious entrepreneur.

A downtown apartment complex unites people like no other place can.

A teenager is on the run from agents eagre to steal her secret power.

A cult leader sends his faithful devoted to strike targets in the city.

A woman living in her car sees the truth of her blind devotion.

These stories, scripts & songs have something in common ... and someone!

ISBN:  978-1-7781-9192-3

Amazon Paperback:  979-8-8411-2140-4

Now available in electronic and paperback!

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Stolen Moon_EBOOK_COVER_v98.jpg
Stolen Moon

The moon's sudden departure plunges humanity into a new darkness!

Humanity’s last shared experience before the final global war - a total solar eclipse - ends with a shocking surprise: an unseen force reaches across the galaxy and plucks the moon from orbit.

The impact on Earth is quick and catastrophic. Survivors soon realize their best hope for the future is to burrow underground together, yet old conflicts and deep divisions remain.

Will the extraordinary efforts of seven ordinary people be enough to pull humanity back from the brink of self-destruction?

ISBN:  978-1-7770-2209-9

Amazon Paperback:  979-8-8108-5276-6

Now available in electronic and paperback!

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Megaannum - Ebook Cover_NEW.png

Book Three of the Timeworks Trilogy

Only the past can save the future - but it's a race against time!

Dr. Marcus “Faster” Rusk, famed inventor of the time vault, creates the Buttonhole - a 3,000-year-long gash in time through which he travels between the past and the future.

But Faster quickly realizes he has been to the future before. Many times. Someone else is using the Buttonhole to loop through time, twisting events to suit their needs, enslaving humanity.

It’s up to Faster and his few, faithful allies to stop them. Saving the future begins with a young man living alone on the planet for the past few months, typing up his life’s story, buying precious time.

ISBN:  978-1-7770-2207-5

Amazon Paperback:  979-8-4512-1551-7

Now available in electronic and paperback!

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Books_Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor - Ebook Cover_NEW.png
Occam's Razor

Book Two of the Timeworks Trilogy

He wiped humanity from the face of the Earth with the press of a button - and he's really sorry!

Moments after William presses the big green button, he is convinced he is suddenly the very last person in existence.


With a faithful typewriter, a handful of markers, a stack of blank papers, and all the time in the world, 18-year-old William is eager to explain to you, dear alien, how he got tricked into committing this horrible crime.


A tale of boyhood and betrayal, lovers and losers, fathers and forest fires . . . and a secret three thousand years in the making.

ISBN:  978-1-7770-2203-7

Amazon Paperback:  979-8-6644-9947-6

Now available in electronic and paperback!

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Watch the book trailer:

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The Timeworks

Book One of the Timeworks Trilogy

The adventure of all time about the invention of all time!

A brilliant inventor forges his ultimate creation to help save his adoptive father, but it soon threatens to ruin the lives of everyone around him.

Marcus “Faster” Rusk is in a race against time. His latest and greatest invention can help save the man who once saved him. But when a greedy corporation mass-produces his creation, he soon finds himself racing to save the world.

ISBN:  978-1-7770-2200-6

Amazon Paperback: 979-8-4757-9308-4

Now available in electronic and paperback!

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