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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

They say art is never truly finished, it is only ever abandoned.

Well, that's a lot better than watching the art do the abandoning.

I recently abandoned my debut novel, The Timeworks.

It went into publication in late December 2019.

It is now out there.

People I don't know are reading words I'd carefully sculpted over the past couple of years.

It must stand on its own now.

Go forth, dear book, and multiply!

One of the unexpected joys I received after abandoning The Timeworks was a sudden awareness that I now had brain-based resources available for other endeavours.

What a surprise to find a whole new insight into the novel I'm planning next.

I'd been mulling this tale over for years. but once I applied more deliberate attention to it, some hidden delights presented themselves almost immediately.

Before that, I knew generally what was going to happen in my next novel.

But now, I know specifically what it's about.

And I wouldn't have had that insight without first letting go of The Timeworks.

I had to abandon it in order for this next story to find me.

What a strange relationship writers have with their work!

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