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Another YouTube vlog entry!

Thank you for the savvy advice, Scott Adams: set yourself up with a system that works for you, is repeatable, generates good habits, and keeps you going through the dark days.

Let's see if that is the case for yours truly.

My system of getting up every morning and writing - regardless of how I'm feeling - keeps me on track toward finishing my third novel, Megaannum, even when I'm feeling very, very low.

Which is how I have been feeling these past weeks and months ... but not when I'm playing with my kids or hanging out with my wife ... only when I think about my total rewards career, which has ground to a halt.

Doubt seeps in. Confidence leaks out. Writing keeps my little boat afloat.

Can I make it as a writer?

I have the stamina, imagination, work ethic and know-how. I have skin thick enough to endure criticism, yet thin enough to still feel.

Does anyone actually read my stuff?

Recent sales reports on Amazon and Kobo would conclude ... no, not really.

Will income from my novels ever pay the bills?

Recent sales reports on Amazon and Kobo ... you get the picture.

Here's hoping this system of mine makes the difference.


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