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Write or Wrong

For better or for worse, for right or for wrong, for richer or for poorer . . .

I have to write.

It forces me to face my fears, come to grips with my past, confront my embarrassments, recognize my limitations, dull the inner doubter, listen to the world around me, appreciate all that I have, get up early, plough ahead, do it for myself, keep learning, pay attention . . .

In short, it forces me to feel.

And few things in this life are more scary and exhilerating than feeling.

So . . . I will write, even though I know I'll sometimes get it wrong.

Oh, and I've launched a new brand: Shady Tree Books.

The website ain't much right now, but give it time. That tree there - it looks rather shady, no?

Shady Tree Books: it's Cooler In The Shade!

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