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A Quiet Release

It's out there now: book number five in my catalogue.

It's got a new name, a late change thanks to in-depth chats with my inner circle.

It's official title is Reclamation: Stories, Scripts & Songs.

It's an anthology: 11 short stories + 4 scripts + 20 songs = one curious compilation.

It's a quick read at just over 30,000 words . . . a summertime snack.

It's a set of short stories, TV and short film scripts, and a number of songs . . . some of which those who've known me a long time may recognize.

It's got a bigger story woven through it, made up of the sum of its parts.

It's fiction with an odd, autobiographical twist.

It's something I'm very proud of.

It's on Amazon.

It's on Kobo.

It's not been broadcast.

It's not mine anymore, and that's always a weird feeling.

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