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Book Sales

It's remarkable to see the book sales Stolen Moon has already garnered only 4 days into its life in book stores.

Kobo and Kindle offer glimpses of where in the world book sales are occuring, and I'm amazed to see that folks on pretty much every continent are getting a copy!

Who are they??

During a writing course I took at UofC years ago, my cohorts and I had to acknowledge and accept that when a story gets published, it's no longer ours ... it has to defend itself ... we simply cannot be there to stick up for it.

That's a tough lesson to learn, but even more curious is the sense of withdrawal / absence / sadness that comes after publication ... that story is done ... those characters I had so much fun with are now "out there" with other people.

So weird.

And so humbling, knowing that there are plenty of folks out taking a chance on this novel.

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy - your support means so much!

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