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Diggin' It

Updated: Jun 3

I'm still amazed that this book - Total Rewards Archaeology - was conjured up in late 2022, written throughout 2023 and published in Feb 2024.

What's even more startling to me is how well it's been received by folks in and out of my professional network.

Who knew an analogy about total rewards programs - wellness, benefits, compensation, pensions - would find an audience?

Never Give Up

I'm thrilled though - and it's a testament to the credo that we should never give up, that the incline to success is not a straight line but a jagged heartbeat, and that success is "failure after failure without losing enthusiasm" as Winston Churchill is credited to have declared.

Thank you to all who have supported this endeavour.

My Ask

If you've bought a copy on Amazon, give it a read then give it a rating ... so far, a few very generous individuals have provided very generous reviews of this book. I'd love for you to add your own!

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