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Hi there!

I sincerely hope this blog entry finds you healthy, wealthy and wise.


I'm back.

Okay, I never really went away. I just got ... busy.

And I needed time to sort through some things.

The year 2023 has been one of reckoning with my author aspriations. It's been a good re-set for me, my life, my writing.

The events of the world - wars and rumours of wars, prolific sin and corruption, the political and economic fiasco that Canada has allowed itself to accept - are noisy in my head, yet I find great calm in my faith, my family and my freedom.

Life in Canada is amazing, all things considered. We are hugely fortunate to live here. Thank you, God.


I long to be a well-read author crafting novels that entertain, educate and inspire readers. For the bulk of my life, I've strove to make writing original novels a major facet of my life.

As of today, I don't have many faithful readers of the books in my catalogue, with only a handful of followers on Amazon: Brent Perdue: books, biography, latest update

I've sold only a few books on Kobo ... mostly to devices here at home: "brent perdue" | eBook and audiobook search results | Rakuten Kobo

And I've become so frustrated with Ingram Spark wrestling to get these books properly set up on their platform (and far-too-common story) that I've elected to shut that down. That limits my reach quite a bit.

It's been a tough journey, a path that's included a number of missteps, mistakes and misconceptions, an often-lonely trek where I've been hurt a lot, heard a lot, and learned a lot.

I've been okay with all of these shortcomings ... until now.

I am determined to turn this writing passion into a success - so I will keep going.

Thank you to those who continue to stick with me on this adventure!


Comments from those close to me regarding these stories have been heard, and actioned.

Second editions of both Megaannum and Stolen Moon are now on Amazon and Kobo.

Megaannum's 1st edition was 202K words; 2nd edition is 112K words - a laborious edit, but the story is ultimately so much stronger now. For the updated cover, the ring around the moon has tilted to better reflect its sun-facing nature. I dedicated this book to my wife, Wendy - there's no point doing any of this without her and our daughters, Natalie, Megan and Emily.

Stolen Moon's 1st edition was 82K words; 2nd edition is 61K words - and the layout and chapter titling and everything make for a far more enjoyable read. For the updated cover, the attack helicopter and military jeep have switched places, as has the "hole in the universe" that once housed the moon. I dedicated this one to my brother Kevin - hope I can make him proud.


Oh, and I didn't trumpet this one when it first got published in July 2022 - this a collection of short stories, TV scripts & short film screenplays, and songs from my youth captured in Reclamation: Stories, Scripts & Songs.

The angle taken on this particular collection is how the tales sum to a more macro story, a mosaic about the maddening quest for fame, identity and immortality.


Check out the write-up on my writing pursuit in Airdrie Life magazine: The many worlds of Brent Perdue - airdrielife Magazine

Coming up quick is another event, this one at the Airdrie Public Library on Dec 2, 2023 where local authors - including yours truly - will have booths set up and a podium to give readings of our work. I might just be pulling something from Reclamation for that.

Thanks for your loyalty on this grand endeavour - all the best to you this winter!


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