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Foray Into Non-Fiction

Updated: Mar 5

Coming soon is my latest creation - "Total Rewards From The Ground Up" - a non-fiction book mixing my career autobiography with insights into the professional realm of total rewards (that's employee compensation, pensions, benefits, and wellness programs) that has paid the bills for the past 3 decades.


How a farm kid stumbled into an office job and found his footing in total rewards.

Jacket blurb:

To pay the bills while striving toward literary success, an aspiring writer becomes an accidental expert in the field of employee compensation, pensions, benefits and wellness programs. For anyone who’s ever been an employee, or anyone looking to hire one.

The idea for this came to me in late 2022 following a discussion about how blessed I've been to have a successful career while pursuing my dream of being a successful (that is, financially fruitful) writer and story-teller.

Crafting this non-fiction / career autobiography book has been amusing as much as it has been aspirational. We all know our own histories, but to capture certain memories within certain contexts is a great way to shine new light on old life events.

Got through the first and second drafts - with help from beta-readers Steve L and Jason T - with the final draft nearly complete; up next are reviews from a literary legal perspective and one final editorial look.

Have you read Occam's Razor? You might recognize the hand-drawn sketches in this book as a throw-back / shout-out to that second book of the Timeworks Trilogy.

So stay tuned - TR From The GU is coming your way soon!


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