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Meet Bo Bennett

A lone astronaut dressed in a sleek spacesuit, helmet in hand, stands in a wide, grassy field watching helplessly as a woolly mammoth - a "transport truck of death" - barrels toward her.

The sky is a deep, cloudless blue.

The thundering beast is a filthy brown.

The prairie's swaying timothy grass is a healthy green.

The spacesuit is a shiny silver glistening in the sun.

The astronaut is Bo Bennett, one of seven ordinary individuals who must go to extraordinary lengths to pull Earth back from the brink of destruction in the novel Stolen Moon.

Born in outer space aboard the International Space Station twenty years before it was blown out of the heavens during the last horrific global war, Bo became an instant celebrity. Her mother died within minutes, weightlessness proving catastrophic during childbirth.

So Bo was raised by other family members in Toronto, the unflinching glare of a fame-fueled culture fixated on her, her early life heavily documented, discussed and dissected.

Hence why many still refer to her as the Space Baby even in her late 20's.

Bo does not like fame. Does not enjoy being recognized. Despises the Space Baby moniker.

No wonder she's a loner, a hermit, spending her time with an aging scientist with a massive space-facing telescope in the remote mountains of a foreign land.

Space, to Bo, is a wonderful sea on which to sail. To get away. To get lost.

And it's a good thing, too. Bo will travel in space one more time - and because she does, humanity gets one more chance to step back from the edge of self-annihilation.

Call to Action

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