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Order of Albums

Back in the early 1980's when U2's War hit the marketplace, I was amazed by the songs on that album and fell in love with the band.

Surprise surprise, they had two previous albums on the shelves - October and Boy. But since I heard the War album first, it always "felt like" the earliest album to me.

The order of things sure makes an impression!

When my latest novel Stolen Moon hit bookstores in mid-May 2022, I was amused and amazed when messages started rolling in from people buying this book ... and how curious they were to discover three other books in my catalogue!

Yep, the Timeworks Trilogy has once again started selling. What a humbling experience this is!

Next book Restoration is currently in the works - this one has been years in the making and even precedes these other publications, so it'll be interesting to see what that one "feels like" when it finally hits the shelves in a handful of weeks!

Thanks again to all of you supporting me on this journey - it continues to be an awesome adventure.

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