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Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Sending out waves of appreciation for all of you embracing Stolen Moon this summer!

I've had a number of requests come in lately asking for more details about the Great Reshuffle that drew new nationality lines on the global map, and on which side of these lines the main characters belong.

So here is that map showing the who and what and where:

Stolen Moon follows seven (7) point-of-view characters and is told in a quick-chapter "vignette style" that echoes the stories captured by the moon for the good citizens of planet Terra.

Here are those seven POV characters:

  1. Iver Spark - Americas - sniper, world traveller, Gausdal citizen shepherd.

  2. Bo Bennett - Americas - astronaut, celebrity, only person ever born in space.

  3. Tarker Vailey - Krenada - laser ship pilot, warrior, PIT advocate.

  4. Viv Ullman - Krenada - weapons guru, tech leader, snack food addict.

  5. Antold Timba Timba - Afrikope - military leader, war veteran, trustworthy friend.

  6. Setten Groen - Afrikope - mechanic, astronaut, pet lover.

  7. Ky Warden - Terran - librarian and archivist, cataclysm expert, intergalactic ambassador.

Among the supporting players are:

  • Ling Lee-Wa - Chyndia - expert linguist, astronaut, arbitrator.

  • Riley Mahina - Indoaus - emissary, astronaut, intergalactic ambassador.

  • Commander Undrea - Afrikope - leader, military hardliner, international representative.

  • Dr. Alan Egglefjord - Krenada - astroscientist, space enthusiast, national treasure.

  • King Kalberg - Krenana - figurehead leader, visionary, cold-blooded strategist.

  • General Mick Palen - Americas - military veteran, international representative, soldier.

  • Pinnie - Terran - student, budding linguist, intergalactic enthusiast.

Thanks again to all of the wonderful support as this writing journey continues ... !

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