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Stolen Moon

Pssst ... this book is now "live" on Amazon and Kobo! The official release date isn't until tomorrow - May 15, 2022 - but just b/n you and me, it's already there!

Why do my hands still get clammy when a new book is about to hit the market?

I'm told it's because releasing a new novel is like having a kid leave home and strike out on their own. My little baby's all grow'ds up.

That makes good sense. This story is now "out there" and I'm left to cheer for it from afar.

I have to get better at marketing. This novel is a fun, exciting, entertaining ride - I want people to know about it, read it, and enjoy it!

Call to action: please pick up your copy at Amazon or Kobo ... read it ... then give a review!

While building my catalogue of books, I haven't focussed enough on spreading the word - having your review posted along with the book would be so helpful.

*sniff* My little birdie's leavin' the nest!

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