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The most "totally rewarding" book you'll ever read!

At last!

The four core programs of modern total rewards - wellness, benefits, compensation, pension - are finally woven together into a single narrative!

This "scorching hot business fable" is an action-adventure story set deep in the desert at an archaeological dig site.

This book is for current and future employees, total rewards professionals - whether you're working in pension, benefits, compensation or wellness - consultants and business leaders.

In short, it's the book I wish I'd had when I was starting my own career!

If you've ever been an employee - or ever wanted to hire one - this book is for you!


"Buried under an ocean of sand, ancient ruins hold the secret to the future of total rewards!"

Total Rewards Archaeology
Etches Sketches and the Great Desert Dig


Acquire your paperback copy today from whichever Amazon platform serves you best - a hardcover version is coming soon, and although the Kindle version is available, the story and unique images - the "sketches" - read best as a physical book in your hands!


I need a favour.

I'd love for you to get a copy, read it through - at 29K words it's more of a snack than a meal - then leave a star rating and a quick review on Amazon to help spread the word!

This is the kind of book that edifies, that makes winners out of both employees and employers as four individual disciplines are finally seen as forming a continuum, each being part of a greater whole we call "total rewards."

The more people who read it, the better our workplaces will be!

And hey, for the most creative reviews posted on Amazon, I'll capture them over on my author site as well - - and maybe even weave them onto the inner pages if/when a second edition is called for!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this fun and fulfilling project - from my colleagues to my family to my trusted beta-readers!



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