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Upcoming Solar Eclipse

My fourth novel Stolen Moon is garnering renewed - and frankly insane!! - interest thanks to the upcoming solar eclipse that's threatening to, uh, well, y'know ... wipe out the world.

Maaaaaybe that event will lead to days of doom and darkness ...

Okay sure, I mean ... yeah ... that time is coming eventually ...

... but just a heads-up: Stolen Moon - now in its second edition - is a fun, quick, snack-like science-fiction novel that just so happens to say this on the back jacket:

Humanity’s last shared experience before the final global war - a total solar eclipse - ends with a shocking surprise: an unseen force reaches across the galaxy and plucks the moon from orbit.

So get your copy today ...

... before it's too late!!

People have asked about the second edition: basically, it's a quicker read, focuses on the action, and we spend more proportional time with each of the seven main characters.

Also - and this is for you insiders! - the second edition shows the attack helicopter approaching the military jeep from the opposite direction from the original.


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