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Update + Outlook = Insight

Updated: Jul 19, 2022


Quick update on Stolen Moon: book sales just crossed a major milestone today!

Was that you, Shawn Daley? Buying the latest copy that pushed it over that line?

Thank you, my brother!

Two weeks ago, both The Timeworks and Occam's Razor (books 1 and 2 of The Timeworks Trilogy) each also crossed that very same threshold; that's due in large part to recently-renewed interest in the series, capped off by the hefty third and final book, Megaannum.

That trilogy was so much fun for me to write - the satisfaction has been in the many journeys those characters took me on, the strange new worlds, the strangeness of this world. It was a grand adventure, and a truly satisfying result for me as a sci-fi author with literary aspirations.

Thank you to everyone for your awesome, ongoing support of that super-fun series!


Currently in the works is a bundle of stories, scripts and songs entitled Restoration.

This collection is a true blast-from-the-past for those who've known me since way back in high school in Cobourg, Ontario (that place where the grass won't grow).

But there's more to this story than meets the eye ...

There's a taller tale being told among those short stories!

There's a secret in those scripts!

Those song lyrics mean just a wee bit more than what they appear to say!

And that's what'll make this next book so much fun - both to write and to read!


Be sure to check my website for updates as Restoration travels from first concepts to polished draft.:

I've also had a few queries about Lands We Call Home, book one of the upcoming Amistar series. This is a sprawling, action-packed sci-fi series about interplanetary war and the few citizens who must find a way to save their respective worlds.

(You've likely noticed a mega-theme of mine weaving its way through these books: ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.)

Well, LWCH is also currently in the works. I expect that one to be crafted and with my editor, Robyn, in the fall ... with a publication date around late-October.

Be sure to check back to learn more about that series as it begins to hit bookshelves.

Thanks again for all of your support! And feel free to write a quick review for Amazon or Kobo on Stolen Moon ... or any of these books, really ... your endorsements mean a lot!

Until then . . .


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